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Our manufacturing and processing technologies are as varied as the applications and requirements for our precision bore glass. Take advantage of our skills in the processing of precision bore tubing as well as standard tubing, cone and capillary to meet your requirements.



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Precision Glass

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Surface expertise

Surface expertise

Ground surface
Using diamond grinding tools, we can produce external diameters with the tightest tolerances of only ± 0.003 mm. Such values in the micrometer (µm) range would otherwise only be possible using metal processing techniques. We can even achieve exact surface roughness values according to your special requirements.

Polished surface
Surface polishing is an additional finishing process that enables us to produce a technically transparent surface after the grinding process.

Polyurethane coating for surface protection
We guarantee the safety of your products. A PU-coating (polyurethane) provides effective chip, impact and leakage protection.