DURAN® – magic glass for bright ideas

A highly motivated team will meet your special requirements and develop constructive solutions for your special inquiries. We provide established technical knowledge, ability and skills as well as a high motivation to turn ideas into glass.

Our business activities comprise:

  • High manual dexterity in handling borosilicate glass
  • Flexibility for small and medium-scale production runs
  • Manufacture of large-volume articles

Sandra Radić
Area Sales
DURAN® Industrial Glass
Individual Glass Components

Phone: +385 52–385 240
Fax: +385 52–212 846

Some Examples:

  • Cylinders and cylindrical containers
  • Conical cylinders for the paper industry
  • Blank flanges and round bottom flasks for industrial plants
  • Coils for the textile industry
  • Insulators for the electrical industry
  • Protective glasses for display applications (museums, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Safety glass for submarines and aircrafts

Feel free to contact us. We are always glad to work together with you in order to find the best solution for your special requirement.