DURAN® is the perfect material – for your products it’s ultimate pureness.

We supply blown glass milk jars from 4 – 50 l to the world‘s leading suppliers of milking machines.

Our product range comprises:

  • Recorders
  • Receivers
  • Sanitary trap

Logos, scales and graduations are applied according to standard or special customer requirements.

Ivan Vujičić
Area Sales
DURAN® Industrial Glass
Individual Glass Components

Phone: +385 52–385-243
Fax: +385 52–212-846

The main advantages of our milk jars:

  • Proven DURAN® properties
  • Uniform overall wall thickness distribution of the article guarantees stability and mechanical strength and enables working under pressure and resistance to temperature changes without breaking
  • Transparency enables perfect visual control of the content
  • Hygienic in use due to smooth and pore-free surface (no bacteria development)
  • Optimal cleaning with aggressive media due to chemical and thermal shock resistance
  • Taste and odor neutral
  • With easy to read scale and large labeling
  • Cleaning by autoclave or hot sterilization possible