Excellence, reliability and safety – the reasons why we have long lasting relations with our customers

The requirements of our customers to develop and manufacture reliable and safe products in accordance with the highest possible international quality standards and directives are an integral part of our quality policy. Our lighting glass for outdoor and indoor environments is particularly suitable for applications where a high risk of explosion, high pressure, extremely high or low temperatures as well as large temperature and weather variations occur, or when contact with sea water is inevitable: in chemical and petrochemical industries, on oil and gas platforms, in mining, marinas, tunnels, streets, airports and many other industrial or potentially hazardous or explosive environments.

Our business activities comprise:

  • High manual dexterity in the handling of borosilicate glass
  • Flexibility for small and medium-scale production runs
  • High flexibility for customer-specific solutions (made to measure products)

We offer many benefits to suppliers of professional lighting systems:

  • Blown and pressed articles of consistent quality according to customer drawings and specifications
  • A wide range of precision finishing processes which guarantee very good fitting accuracy, functionality and special appearance of the products (drilling, grinding, cutting, seaming, coloring, decoration, sandblasting, etc.)
  • Custom-made solutions due to high level of technical support
  • Stress-free products thanks to technically advanced annealing processes
  • Good tempering of products in order to strengthen the inner structure of the glass and enable better impact, pressure as well as thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent visual quality
  • Fast molds adaptation as well as fabrication of new tools
  • Rapid sample production and preliminary serial production runs
  • Excellent inspection of produced articles
  • dimensional and glass quality inspection
  • visual examination under cross-polarised light
  • impact (2/4J) and thermal shock testing

For example, this glass is found in the following applications:

  • Mines
  • Oil platforms
  • Tunnels
  • Street lighting
  • Fishing

Most of our products are made exclusively according to specific individual customers‘ demands, but we also have standard products like shining globes and special protective covers